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Poll: How often do you chat here?
Question: How often do you chat here?
• All the time
• Once or a few times a week
• Less often than that

Created at 05:40:04 AM 2008.07.02

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Comments (186)
if u see them here all the time, you must be here all the time too *winks*

by crisbling 01:58:25 PM 2008.07.02
looooooool@You losers

by LOL 08:40:12 AM 2008.07.23
this chat room combines different races as a result of that the discussions are ameliorated from different positions

by elmoujahed 04:35:46 PM 2008.08.13
chat on one chat line and respond on another chat line most cases solved

by bcm5297@bellsouthnet 12:30:47 AM 2008.08.22

by guest 09:54:39 AM 2008.08.25

by guest 06:33:30 PM 2008.09.08
Hi are you gay

by Giovanni 02:43:21 AM 2008.09.17
all the time

by Giovanni 02:44:18 AM 2008.09.17

by Giovanni 02:45:00 AM 2008.09.17

by guest 09:16:45 PM 2008.09.27

by evamania 09:45:44 AM 2008.10.08
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by evamania 10:20:33 AM 2008.10.08
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by i want bf evamania 10:21:42 AM 2008.10.08
the adult chat room is like a "prayer" room! really no sex chat at all! even PRIVATE chatting among room members is shunned!! god we all are hypocrites....

by malenick 04:29:11 AM 2008.10.10

by guest 12:19:39 AM 2008.10.16
seekingbi. c o m is a much better place for adult chat.

by seekingbi 08:36:58 AM 2008.10.23
Whores & bores, losers & boozers, fannys & trannys... Weirdtown has it all and more!

by admin 07:55:53 PM 2008.10.28
here is full of losers ..just hi cam to cam ..bye cheap chat isnt interesting losers

by cleopatra 09:23:30 PM 2008.11.03
this place is shit now sad but true

by NoOne 03:54:05 AM 2008.11.14
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by Edvard 01:32:29 PM 2008.11.19
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by Emma 01:35:53 PM 2008.11.19
only ppl who dont hv anything to do r here everytime .................

by guest 10:18:45 AM 2008.11.28
hey hit me on boozigi@hotmail or +233242773607 n lets talk ok

by henry 03:05:11 PM 2008.11.28
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by bland 09:15:21 AM 2008.11.29

by guest 10:06:45 AM 2008.12.06

by guest 10:06:47 AM 2008.12.06

by guest 10:06:48 AM 2008.12.06
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by nina 07:23:32 PM 2008.12.16
www evamania com

by nina beautiful 07:24:53 PM 2008.12.16
this email address is criminal they hired jobs vaccancies but false they want money hope this woman go in jail or hell ha ha

by jarhyl kyle 06:43:00 AM 2009.01.01
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by jarhyl kyle 06:25:49 AM 2009.01.03
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by emma 04:58:24 AM 2009.01.04
to bland lena you wanted in the scamomatic and also your partner the is now blacklist the scammers email ha ha.

by jarhyl kyle 05:24:09 AM 2009.01.31
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by anila 06:36:12 PM 2009.02.20
i just to cancel my account but i dont know how?

by jennifer 06:06:19 AM 2009.03.05
where is all the people from wyoming on this chat thing

by agentblitz 10:23:32 PM 2009.03.29
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by natali 04:25:25 PM 2009.04.29
any sexy girl like to chat

by guest 05:12:26 AM 2009.06.05
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by sigma 02:40:29 PM 2009.06.11
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by Helen 12:03:42 PM 2009.06.24
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by guest 12:06:36 PM 2009.06.24
always same question lol

by guest 08:23:18 PM 2009.06.29
classact shouldnt NOT be a MONITOR

by guest 08:25:41 PM 2009.06.29
all time

by mahoula 08:40:43 AM 2009.07.18
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by guest 04:28:11 AM 2009.07.29
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by nina f 19 02:02:00 PM 2009.08.03
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by nina f 19 02:02:02 PM 2009.08.03
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by nina 04:43:41 PM 2009.08.05

by guest 12:44:52 AM 2009.09.01
what do I have to do to become a member on your chat, I have already followed the insructions but i is not possible

by ragorofa 08:45:52 PM 2009.09.03
your own wierdtown moniter with nick of AJ ,DICK and other people nick is invading other people screenames and we have tried to report him but we cant ??? .he is spanish and today he has invaded in by using quite a few regular people who come in to chat ,how do you scrutinise your on moniters ??this is invasion of our privacy life and surely ther must be a strict conduct in their behaviour.

by Atul 02:42:08 PM 2009.10.29
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by nina 12:21:13 PM 2009.11.16

by guest 02:02:09 PM 2009.11.19
I think it's cool...

by basilisks 11:57:00 PM 2009.11.27
i thought the numbers would be greater than that...oh well cheers!

by BeautifulAssasin 12:32:51 AM 2009.12.07
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by mike 06:47:25 PM 2010.01.11

by monstanley 06:49:18 PM 2010.01.31
i'm Yaffa ..i just chat one time weeekly ..but got banned sure ..each time because the monitor ..btw hates me for a reason ..i dont know ! in weirdtown chat LOOL

by Yaffa 04:32:47 PM 2010.02.03
If u are a girl an u needed a boy friend email me at taofas1305@yahoo or cal me on 2348029553624. Am waiting

by Taofas 06:15:40 PM 2010.02.13
myname is owwofe i try 2 log but no way it was asking me 2 enter my email which i did.and also dsame thing WHAT would i do

by owoofe 08:31:59 AM 2010.05.19
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by owoofe 08:39:35 AM 2010.05.19
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by lindsey 11:59:44 PM 2010.06.03
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by lindsey 11:59:47 PM 2010.06.03
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by Rosaaaa 08:35:16 AM 2010.07.21

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by ito jaquez dominican 04:24:30 PM 2010.10.13

by guest 07:29:39 AM 2010.10.22
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by Emerald 02:27:27 PM 2010.10.29
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by jan 03:25:11 AM 2011.04.23
I think that weirdtown is a cool chatsite. The real difference in some of the chat rooms of weirdtown is that we do get to meet some nice friends and we land up dropping in to chats just to talk to them, The server is quite good atleast we get to see who talks to us and what we say, if the server is too fast then we loose connection of whats being said. more power to weirdtown.................

by livingdol 07:26:29 AM 2011.06.23

by GUEST 06:02:49 AM 2011.07.08
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by ghidw 08:46:51 PM 2011.07.30
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by ghidw 08:52:27 PM 2011.07.30
:-(God my school's full of hipocrites

by Nathan 02:35:30 PM 2011.08.01
Have some dignity owoof

by guest 02:44:20 PM 2011.08.01
Have some dignity owoofe!:O

by Nathan 02:45:53 PM 2011.08.01
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by ghidw 12:08:30 AM 2011.08.13
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by Franklin 01:09:16 AM 2011.09.09

by smsm 07:04:41 AM 2011.09.30
amo72 and Blackcelt are the most best trash gossiper in Wierd Town more, then when they chat in Dutch language.... poor persons nothing to do in real life!!!!

by Holland 12:44:54 PM 2011.10.06
Salam ..How r u FREAKS ? hahhaha are u still banned in w.t and get a new accounts .. YAFFA ..wish u ppl real life !

by YAFFA ..palestine 09:41:27 PM 2011.10.06
was onnline this morning saw this amo72 fighting to young guys??? at her age????? 39??? fighting hahaha

by guest 06:46:53 AM 2011.10.09

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by Anna 02:21:11 PM 2012.01.24
Of course BlackCelt wants to fight. He was a soldier in Bosnia and Kosovo war. I believe he still has his Diemaco M16 assault rifle so keep that in mind.

by ArtDeco 03:40:22 AM 2012.01.27
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Amo72 swear and rude in censore room but how come she dnt get ban? even Monitor are around?

by guest 01:28:03 PM 2012.03.06

by guest 12:55:32 PM 2012.03.10
U guys suck

by nicki 12:15:40 AM 2012.04.16
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i am not interested in this website so stop sending me invitations.

by Gaetan 06:26:45 PM 2012.04.28
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hello there its good to be the part of this site.

by 2bewdu 06:46:15 AM 2012.11.20
71Blackcelt00 is the most liar trasher in Wierdtown giving some annoying msg info to our private about other chatter??who cares?? just dnt know if this guy know what Rejection really mean?

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by Zedane 06:28:14 AM 2015.10.29
I used to chat this web site Wierd Town Chat aka Chat Hour for 2years and im back and still this moderator KyraS and Oodimmi nothing change gosh wonder why the Administrator of this web site can*not noticed of the two dictatorship moderator.. Oodimmi even share his account to another chatter (his friend) and KyraS aware this and dnt do actions

by keen 01:31:08 PM 2016.03.03
OODIMMI aka APHRODITEFROMHELLAS A moderator using other screen name was onnline chatting main censored room nah wers the trusworthy of this web site???. Theres a proof that was middle of February UK time 8-9pm. Admin let me ask you are you tolerating this?

by guest 12:45:49 PM 2016.03.15
Please defend this stmaHtent:ee certainly is pro-choice – he has made that clear. But he is a different kind of pro-choice president, one that can be reasoned with -- one that, I believe, we can make headway with.

by Fanni 01:59:12 AM 2016.07.20
mossthefloss the most rude nasty harrasser chatter in censored room.. no wonder the chatters leaving off this web site no fun at all with her presence

by Nil 10:34:01 AM 2016.08.02
Just log off Wierd town censored room as usual mossthefloss making again trouble fighting hitting to some chatters

by Mike 10:17:14 AM 2016.10.01
how do I chat?

by frances 08:31:02 PM 2016.11.02
This site used to pull over 200 friendly people in the main chat regularly, but people have stopped coming in since mossthefloss joined and took over. Even the moderator KyraS left because of her, and oodimmi is just her puppy, so she gets away with ruining the room and breaking the site rules against having multiple profiles and singling other users out for harassment. Even when she's clearly wrong about a person she turns to bullying and lying in order to get rid of them. Now trolls are coming from other sites because they know she will react to them. A pathetic little woman with nothing better to do in life than spend all day every day in other peoples' business. She's ruined your site.

by A former 10-year reg 01:27:56 PM 2016.12.18
mossthefloss worth to be ban but seems the mod Oodimmi has no balls to ban her he knew this all but seems he just enjoying reading her!!!! she even described Oodimmi a toolbelt.

by guest 11:52:22 AM 2017.01.01
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by suba zupa 05:21:16 PM 2018.08.12
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