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Poll: Vad vill du läsa/se på min blogg?
Question: Vad vill du läsa/se på min blogg?
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Created at 08:13:34 PM 2010.11.30

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Comments (4)
Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as ifnromaotin should be!

by Trudy 05:57:27 AM 2011.10.01
I didn't respond to the iniatil survey because i couldn't figure out how to describe what i do. I work at present for a company that does Internet radio. I write code, calculate metrics, mine data, etc. It seems presumptuous to say that i'm a statistician or computer scientist. I used to design software tools for the consumer product formulation industry, and i find that my current job is a lot like that of a formulator trying out new recipes to see what works better.

by Alquiler 12:39:52 PM 2013.06.28
Recovery would be most people wknriog jobs that they are good at and getting paid a good wage for doing so. This could happen under just about any of the options in the poll. Rate this comment: 0 0

by Eugene 11:00:59 PM 2013.06.28
AUUGH. I just can't decide on a suitlbae Fire type for my team. Sure, Reshiram is a fit, but it's Uber tier, like my Garchomp that I replaced my Haxorus with for a Ground typing in my team. I could use a Houndoom, maybe, use it to fill the Dark-type versatility on my team, but then I'd still have nothing that can resist Fighting (the rest of my team is a Mienshao with horrid Special Defense, a slow Garchomp, and a balanced yet predictably slow Eelektross. It really shows that my fastest Pokemon would easily die against any special attack or weakness-abusing move and that a single powerful type would easily dominate the team ). Maybe I could get a Heracross or my Virizion (LOL) to replace Mienshao, but then a single Flying type move would OHKO them. For my Braviary, I just thought it better than something as horrible as Unfezant, but if I could just find a Staraptor like I had in Gen IV with Aerial Ace, Close Combat, Brave Bird, and either Roost or U-Turn but then I'd have to find one, and with me playing Black and having lost Pearl, that's gonna be pretty damn hard And then there's Samurott Personally, I feel a natural attachment to Water-type starters, ever since my first game was Blue and I used Squirtle as my starter. If I used Gyrados, it'd be horribly weak to Electric, as well as weak to Rock. If I found a Swampert, it'd be fragile to Grass, but that'd be easily countered with attaching an Ice attack to it, which is only too easy for a Water type. Also, I could chuck out Garchomp because of that, replace it with something like Hydreigon, or bring back my female Rivalry Haxorus. I could get the almighty Starmie in, but that'd be out of balance with my Metagross unless I replaced it with Scizor or Escavalier, but The trouble is, I'm lacking in evolution items, and I have no friends, and I respect my parents to not waste money on such a stupid reason. In order for me to get anything, I'd have to luck out on Wi-Fi trades, which are few and far between since my house doesn't have DS internet.So basically, I'm left with the closest thing to the metagame: the Battle Subway. And even there, I almost never make it to the Subway bosses. FTLOG, it's only been recently since I got the Super Trains, and that was mostly because of me getting 1: A strategy for my Mienshao, and 2: Garchomp.So basically, I'm an unwilling casual.

by Bouzian 11:00:59 PM 2013.06.28
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