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List of interesting polls # 67
am i cute
What's your favorite band?
Wich WebSite Do You vist The MOst?
How many times and you lied to your parents?
Who Do You Want for President?
shoul i go out with???
If haad a chance to wish what would you wish ?
Are you in love with your friends boyfriend?
if you had one wish what would you wish for?
What are we really here to do ?
~!~Do you think you have found your true love~?~
do u love when boys man handle u!!!!!
are you u still with your true love?
are you ungly or not?
Who is your favorite rapper
if you saw me what would you do?
did he cheat on you and admited it after?! What did you do???
cat you trust the online connections?
what is yo favorite sport
Do you care/give a damn about the music awards, film awards or the Olympics?
do you prefer good looks or good personality?
Que soy para ti??
can u forgive someone that broke your hart
what game on wii sports
Have u ever liked me?
Do u like 'Fun' homework?
Wat's Ur FAv. Color
Have u eva liked me?
Do u like homework?
what are u doing
who is ur favorite wrestler
who is ur favorite wrestler
If u could bring one singer back from the dead who would it be
what do you like better pie or cake
What am I?
Who should I date?
What do u want from me?
What do you want from me?
do u stay friends with ex bfs tht spread rumors about u
whats the coolest car ?
What Kind Of Music That You Want To Hear From Me???
Do you like pie?
what your fav music
Do you believe mainstream media and relgion speak the real truth?
Do you think there is ever a time to just not date and find one's self again?
if you are falling from a 20 story building what would you be thinking of.
who would you rather be hang out with
Would u fall for him/her again?
Is Brad Pitt still considered HOT?
Who Hotter??
Would you ever forgive someone if you were cheated ?
Could a man and a woman be ?just friends?!?
Which statement would be the closest to your life 'motto'?
Would you brake up with some because they are SUPER jealous?
Que tipo de chava prefieres?
if they promised to leave there current flame to come back to you would you take them back?
{GURLZ ONLY}Who would u rather go out with?
Am i your friend?
who is my bestie
have you ever thought you were in love
would u want a real nigga like?
what color should i die my hair?
what side should i get my lip persisted?
Do you think about sex at least 10 times daily?
would u turn emo if u were rejected??
What famous person would you date?
What kind of bike would you buy?
if you had sex with a hooker against her will, would it be considered rape or shop lifting?
If you could own one kind of gun what would it be?
E` la nazionalita` un problema in amore?
why u dump me?
Who do I love more then anyone in this world?
Is Betrayal of a Loved One Forgiveable in Your Eyes?
have u had a sexual experieans
can you4give
Do You Like My New Look Or My Old look?
if you knew that the man you were in love with loved you but was not in love with you what would you
whats ur style
what is your favorite color?
Τι ομάδα εί?αι?
My name is
My fave color is
Would U be a Friend after the Friendship ended years and found out your Friend was going to Die?
What do you think of me?
Crees que soy...?
If you have your life to do over again, would you do everything exactly the same?
If you had your life to do over again, would you live it exactly the same?
Could you ever take back an ex the cheated on you?
do u like giving or receiving face ?
What Kind Of Music Do You Like?
will ur true love kiss you today
who will be the better V.P.
will u ever c the dead
who0 lo0ve3 m3?
acemos 3l Amo0r?
Where would you like to be 20 years from now?
Va castiga Romania meciul contra echipei Insulelor Feroe?
Va castiga Romania meciul contra echipei Insulelor Feroe?
who0 is my boyfriend??
men and women who enjoy most when the act of sex is going on
When will you married ?
Do u like girls who r skin and bones or with some meat on them?
Credeti ca va castiga echipa Romaniei meciul contra echipei Insulelor Feroe?
If you had 100 million dollars, what would you do?
can you ever love some one who broke your heart?
Do you believe God loves you? Really.
Have you ever cheated???
If the love of your life agreed to be part of your life again, what would you do?
what you think about portuguese people ?
what you think about portuguese people ?
If you are going out with someone or married do you love them or do you not?
Did he/she hurt u
Would you take back the person you love most after they broke your heart.
I am...
I am...
I am...
If u could bring 1 singer back from the dead who would it be
If your heart has been torn apart and broken and heart many times,would you let someone back in?
wats r favorite kind of kid movie
Would you give ur x another try?
who's the hotest girl in newbury 7th grade?
are you my friand
do you like someone and it hurts you cant have them?
how many friends like me?
who is my best friend?
would you rather be popular or not
Are you gay
Would You Take A Life If You Had Too?
If you could kill any celebrity in the world, who would it be?
Are you still hurt from your last love?
do u still have feelings for ur ex??
Do u think im cute?
based on the pictures you see... somewhere.....which hair color looks best on me.
what would you do if you were to be living ur last day
Do you luv Twilight?
have you had a first kiss??
do you like some one?
Which country would you want to visit the most?
Do you love me?
Wats the best?
which describes me best.!*
which hair color, under my hair poll in my photos is best?
what is your hight
Wa u people thinks about M3?
What was your personal main event of Unforgiven 2008?
does it look cool
Do you hate me?
can u give someone another chance
would you like him if he kissed someone else?
Which superstar do you think has the most deserving of a World Heavyweight title shot?
whos the rite guy for me?
who should i date?
How would you rate me?
What Scooter do you ride?
how mii peeps doin thiz w33k ?
Have a motocycle/scooter:
do you think of him when he is not ever mantioned
Do you support wearing a helmet
what you think about me?
Do you believe the President has a secret book?
What you think about portuguese people
What School of Photography should I attend?
What is Your Favorite Tv Show
What is my favorite food
Do you truly know wat love is...?
This hi5 is good?
whats ur favorite number
do u think im sexy
would u go out with someone u don't love?
What is the best band?
am i hot
what is your favorite house pet?
Do You Really Like Me?
Who is the best rapper?!
Do you love Life
wat would u do if ur ex still talks 2 u but he has a gf en she keeps tellin u 2 leave him alone
what do you think is the best way to have sex?
Who's performance was better at the 2008 VMA's?
h0w 0ld were u went u l0st ur virginity
how do i look
7. Vote
20. Vote
what band name?
24. Vote
35. Vote
do u like me
If you could be an animal, what would you be???
What is the ultimate dessert?
Do you like anime or manga?
who is your favorite person?
con k nombre tu quisiera un novio solo mujeres
whats your fav soda
are u a lesbian
How do you tell A guy you like him???
Who do you vote for???
Which celeb is the dumbest?
if you could be an animal which ome will you be
if you could be an animal which one will you be
How would you handle the situation if you caught your boyfriend in bed with another girl?
Who is your favorite Kardashian
do U-ROCK hard!?
my favorite game
What do you like better?
Who do you hate the most out of these people?
Are you happy at your job?
wahts your favorite color
wahts your favorite color
Which of these Pokemon is a better sweeper?
Will Obama get shot like J.F.K.
are u datable
cres qe so0ii emo0?
name my best boyfriend
cres qe so0ii emo0?
Xbox Or Playsation
would you ever cheat on someone you love if the right guy came along
If your mate left you for their ex spouse what would you do?
What do you think of me? (Ash Ketchum)
Who is the best in wwe
Who do you think will win
are u cool
Who is better Aerosmith or Black Sabbath
hot or cool
if you can be an animal, what animal would you be
if you were told to cut yourself for money would you?
if you were asked to cut yourself for money would you?
You decide our EP!! Top five songs get recorded!!
would you mary someone that you had a devour's with
del 1 al 10 cuanto me das
what is my favorite color??
whats your style
Have you ever been told you snore in your sleep ?
what is ur favorite color?
who is my best friend???
Les late esta banda???
Do i smoke weed
what is your fav. food
who will be president
whos more gangsta?
What's my favorite Sport?
Would you date me?
Do you think Mickey James is crazy
What Church I go to
What is success?
what school do i go to?
Do you still love for your ex
Whats your favorit zoo animal?
What is your favorite color?
vote for...
How did you and you true love meet?
what is your favorite flower
Can you be in love with two persons at the same time?
How do you like the new Midnight Idols single?
would you go back with the women that has your baby
What's your number one computer problem?
Who will be our next Vice President?
Who will be our next Vice President?
Do u miss your true love whether your in another relationship now?
Where should Billy Z have his birthday party this year.
What style of music should be provided at Billy's party
Who would you vote For ?
What's your excuse?
What's your excuse?
whats your fav. color
whats your fav. color
favorate video game system
whos a better band?
Who are you going to vote for
best birthday present for a guy.
Pe Ce Loc CRedeti Ca Va Termina Dinamo La SfarSitul Turului
would u jump off of a building for somebody u love
Ce crezi despre acest profil?
Peace 4 Birmingham Gang bangers ?.....
How sad would you be if the person you loved died(husband/boyfriend)???
Tu achas que eu mudei?
Are you a ?
Ce cReDeTzI DeSpRe mInE?
CuM vI Se Par ArFeLe mEle?
O olympiakos 8a parei fetos to prota8lima
What Game Style's Betta???
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